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The government has shelved plans to increase the probate registry fees by up to 12900% following the news of an election being called. They had proposed to increase fees to £20,000 for a £2 million pound estate up from £155. The Ministry of Justice had stated that whilst the probate registry was self funding at the current fee level they were empowered to charge what they needed and the increase was to fund other parts of the judicial system. The proposed increase had no bearing on the amount of work involved and the costs of supplying the service. The increase was to be put through under a statutory instrument but the Parliamentary Committee for Statutory Instruments agreed with the profession that this amounted to a tax and called for full parliamentary scrutiny. We understand that it had it's first hearing in the Commons with little objection and looked like it was going to go through at speed. We would expect this to resurface after the election and would encourage the application for the Grant to be made as soon as practically possible.